The book is live on Amazon!

English title: The Child’s Past Life


Spooky cover… I like it.

Pre-order now for auto-delivery on Nov 11th. Only $4,99 for the ebook.


Book update & volunteer translation for Watching America

So the book is almost done, the proofs are coming early next month. I had no idea how many people were involved in the whole process. I am glad there are so many editors and proofreaders to clean up my work.

I have also been doing volunteer translation for Watching America, a non-profit news site dedicated to foreign news/analysis of America. Give it a read if you have not seen it before!

Quick update

I sent in the book draft a few weeks ago, am now waiting on notes from the development editor to make fixes. The English word count was around 122k words, about 346 pages in word. Hopefully there is not too much work left.

My membership ran out and I didn’t renew. In my experience, most of the member-only jobs are not that well-paying; I have not had luck bidding on them using mid-to-low end rates, and they tend to be super-rush. Members do get potential job emails, so some people may like membership for this feature.

Finally ordered business cards when Vistaprint had their $10/250 cards offer, can’t beat that! They’re hot pink and black!



New Year, New Project

I got a novel to translate! I went from “Wow, they picked me!” to “Oh no, I really have to do all this by April?” The book is around 200 thousand Chinese words, which would be 150 thousand words in English, depending on the type of text. I hope to turn out at least 2000 English words daily, hopefully more, in order to finish the project on time. After cramming the last few days and seeing how the text translates, I think it is possible to do as many 4000 words daily if there were no other urgent projects. I plan to finish most of the book in two months. It is always better to rush in the beginning than the end.

Hustling for more work

My main agency has had a slow-down in work, which is worrying. I should have explored more work opportunities anyway, even if there was no drop in jobs. I guess I was too comfortable getting regular work from one place to remember a good rule for freelancing, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” Like many successful freelance translators have said, it is either feast or famine in this industry. I have always wanted to work on more interesting content, such as translating magazine articles, non-fiction, or literary content, so the current downtime is a good chance to figure out how to get the work. I have been contacting editors at Chinese magazines, asking for work or collaboration opportunities; heard back from one editor of a business magazine who seemed interested. Hope the new year brings in more steady work!

Helpful Trados Tips

Hm, this software is really not user-friendly, some helpful pages in my learning process:

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