Published Work & Projects



Nonfiction (pending publication):

ch. 7
Stories of the fight against poverty in Shanxi Province

阿里巴巴和四十大道 (Tentative Title: Alibaba and Its Forty Avenues)

我看电商3: 零售的变革 (Tentative Title: How I See E-Commerce 3: The Revolution of Retail)

黄金时代 (Tentative Title: Golden Era)
Stories from Chinese ex-pats and Chinese born abroad

老百姓的中国梦 (Tentative Title: The Dreams of Ordinary Chinese)
Oral history from Chinese born in the 1930s through the 2000s



Iconic Products of China: Shanghai(中国地理标志产品大典:上海卷)
Genre: Reference

China Speed: Development of China’s High-Speed Rail (中国速度)
Genre: Non-fiction


The Child’s Past Life (生死河)

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Horror


Hometowns and Childhood (1st printing, $20.95 on Amazon)
Genre: Non-fiction and memoirs
Featuring essays by Jia Pingwa, Mo Yan, Yu Hua, San Mao, et al 名家散文集 (包括贾平凹,莫言,余华,三毛等作家)

OR the reprint

Hometowns and Childhood: Essays ($11.95 on the University of Hawaii Press website)

The Bridge at Dusk
Genre: Children’s book

Tadpoles on the Rock
Genre: Children’s book


Short stories by Chen Qiling, Zhou Jieru and Verbena C.W.

News and op-ed translation, Watching America

Translation of media column, Hot in China (publisher of genre novels):

  1. Decoding Fantasy the Chinese Way Part 2: Mystical Beings of the East
  2. Decoding Fantasy the Chinese Way Part 1: Differences and Familiarities in Eastern and Western Fantasy
  3. Made-in-China Sci-Fi: A Brave New Voyage
  4. Entertainment Belongs Online: From Best-selling novels to Super Web Shows_________________________________Translation of news and features, (partial list):

2017 (partial list):

  • Qinghai: Wolf Packs Captured by Photographers
  • TV Documentary “Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise” Opens
  • Photos: A Look Inside Four Tibetan Shepherd Families
  • People: A Shepherdess’ City Dream
  • The Tibetan Almanac: A Legacy of Tradition
  • Qinghai: First Tibetan Language AIDS Education Movie Opens
  • City of Heroes: The Anti-British Imperialism Memorial at Gyantse Dzong

2016 (partial list):


More projects:

  • All promotional & advertising copy, press releases, and catalog copy for artist Han Meilin’s Global Retrospective Tour
  • Museum catalog for a Genghis Khan exhibition
  • Copy for “Inside Germany,” a LSP (Location Surround Push) service
  • Press release for national energy company
  • Annual report & speech for children’s hospital
  • Translation and transcreation of marketing copy for a new skin cream
  • Portion of cultural reference book on China

2 thoughts on “Published Work & Projects

  1. Thanks for your note. I’ve pitched other books by Cai Jun to the publisher but haven’t heard anything. I hope to work on more of his stories too! He has a Weibo (blog) with lots of updates (, check it out and ask him to publish more stories in English:-)

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