Translation practice: Novel excerpt from Love is a Lie…

To make myself translate more when there’s no work, I’m translating bits of Chinese books. Some are books I’ve read, others are just what I’m leafing through on the Kindle.

The “export highlights & annotations” feature in Duokan is really neat, it lets you capture any amount of text and use them later at will.

Original text

蔼琳 [书摘1]  

多了又怎能消受。” 不仅仅是爱吧,世间万物,都是如此。

Book title: Love is a Lie Told by Loneliness

Author: Ai Lin

There’s a poem which she often thinks of lately: “One worries when love isn’t around, yet too much love is hard to take.” It’s not only love, everything in the world is this way. No wonder so many people who’ve tried marriage all said, marriage is like a pair of shoes, the important thing is whether they fit your feet. “Fit” may look like an easy request, but it’s hard to find.

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