Good Translation on WWD’s Chinese Edition

I really like how easy it is to switch between the English and Chinese versions, what a great way to learn translation and both languages. Check it out.

The article below wasn’t able to use the title pun from the English version in Chinese, which works out in the end, imho forced puns are better left out.

穿上 Lim 的服装外出:Phillip Lim 推出三款产品

Phillip Lim 充满乐观。他说,“我们并不担心经济状况。虽然一切并非完美无暇,但在这些时候已经做到了尽可能的完美。”

Lim 的积极态度得到了一些强劲数字的支持。据 Lim 介绍,2008 年的批发总额超过 4,000 万美元,预计 2009 年将在此基础上增长 15%。

与此同时,今年秋季的亚洲销售较 2008 年秋季增长 40%,欧洲则增长了 110%。仅在意大利,这一系列就新增了 32 家零售客户。

Out on a Lim: Phillip Lim’s Three Product Launches

Phillip Lim is optimistic. “We’re not fearful of the economy,” he says. “Not everything is perfect, but in these times, it’s as perfect as it can be.”

Some strong numbers back up Lim’s positive attitude. Wholesale figures for 2008 totaled more than $40 million, according to Lim, with projections for 2009 upping that by 15 percent.

Meanwhile, sales in Asia grew by 40 percent this fall over fall 2008, and in Europe, 110 percent. In Italy alone, the line picked up 32 new retail accounts.



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