Why do readers think writers have to be beautiful too?

A popular thread on Tianya (China’s biggest intenet forum) reveals what some supposedly beautiful writers really look like. Many commenters claim to be totally disillusioned and disappointed.

In a related note, does beauty grarantee happiness? Many people seem to assume that if a woman was attractive, she wouldn’t be left alone long enough to gain the necessary focus for her writing. Therefore, an unattractive woman would be so miserable and alone that she can channel her bitterness into brillant words?

One comment that caught my eye:



“This might be a good thing. Writing is a form of extended suicide in a way, so if someone could be happy in life, most wouldn’t want to suffer to write instead. This may be why many writers lose their creative genius after gaining fame.”

A bit morbid perhaps? Also somewhat true. Writing is a kind of extraction of life. When you’re enjoying a good life where every desire is fulfilled, the lack of yearning takes away some of the longing necessary for distilling good writing.



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