Free Translation for a Friend

A talented friend is starting a site to sell handmade bags, did some quick translation for her. She told me to not be so literal and edit as needed, so the translation is less faithful to the original and hopefully closer to what she meant to say.

Welcome to Ming’s Boutique

歡喜心動手做包包,Ming’s Boutique 存屬業餘性質,分享給朋友們工作以外的生活情趣,也歡迎對手工布包有興趣的朋友們 常來逛逛。大部份的包包做給自己用或送人,也接受朋友指定製作。因為,大部份的布是零碼布,僅有一至兩個,恐無法再買到相同的布料,因此,朋友指定製作的都以本人的美感經驗量身訂作。

Ming’s boutique was born out of my love for handmade art. I began it as a hobby. My creations are shared with friends who see the bags as a reminder to live life more leisurely. I welcome everyone who loves fabric art and goodies, please visit often! I gave away a lot of bags to friends, I also take custom orders. Most fabrics I use are unique and hard to find again, so making the same bag is pretty much impossible. If I custom make a bag for a friend, I often match the style to her lifestyle and personality as well.

About Me


My mom was a very talented woman, she often made sweaters and dresses for my sister and I. Many things we wore while growing up came from her loving hands. I didn’t appreciate it at the time and complained when something didn’t fit right or was too big, or if it was the same as my sister’s. Now that she’s passed on, I’ve realized how lucky I was and how I didn’t learn much of her craft.


By chance (or fate?), I learned sewing from Huifen’s Mom. My love of shopping for clothes turned into a love of shopping for fabrics. Whatever time I didn’t spend on painting anymore I spent on the sewing machine. For me, whether drawing or sewing, I got the same kind of blissful focus that gave my mind peace.


I majored in art, teach design, and I love to travel and see the world. My travels have shown me what to appreciate and love in art. Sewing gave me the opportunity to combine fabrics in unexpected ways, so far, it has been a fun ride, not a professional nor fulltime obligation.


One summer, I saw Huifen with a gorgeous bag her mom made, it was light and easy to clean as well. Her mom soon became my sewing mentor. I only knew how to draw and design before, but now, whenever I’m free from work, what makes me happiest is to make bags and skirts.


The first bag I made didn’t look too bad, from a distance. 🙂


A favorite shirt of mine from childhood is now too loud to wear, but I still adore the fabric. What to do? The first day I learned sewing, I turned the shirt into a bag with my mentor’s help. Now it’s a reversible bag!


Floral prints from blankets and curtains of years past are now trendy again, these symbols of style can be seen in my bags.


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